How To Hear God

How To Hear God
Hearing and Obeying God daily is the most important responsibility every believer has.

We start by having a scheduled consistent time to meet with our heavenly Father each day or if you are consecrating and fasting; several times a day.
  • find a secluded place away from the distractions of your life.
  • make room for your time with the Father, designate a special place in your home, keep it clean and clutter free.  Remember our Father is a God of order.
  • expect to hear from Him, bring your Bible, journal and pen or pencil.
  • remember our sins separate us from God, so deal with ALL unconfessed sin in your life.  Quietly ask Holy Spirit to reveal any areas of unconfessed sin in your life. Ask the Father to forgive you and get it under the blood.
  • spend some time in worship, sing to Him, read to Him from the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes; let Him know how much you love and honor Him.
  • pray in your heavenly language, unknown tongues. If you don't have your prayer language yet; ask the Father to fill you with Holy Spirit.
  • begin to talk to God and tell Him what's in your heart. Cry out to Him about everything that's going on in your life. He is concerned and wants us to share our pain, joys and victories with Him. (We are not informing Him about what's going on in our lives, He wants us to share)
  • Now, be silent, wait on Him for your answers. Be prepared to write down what He tells you.
  • This can be the hardest thing, to be still and know that He is God, but we must dicipline ourselves to listen for the still small voice within us.