How To Recognize God's Voice

How To Recognize God's Voice
Focal Scripture: Luke 12:9-13

It is God's desire for you to know His voice and to hear Him clearly.  Now that you are born again, it is vital that you take time, make time to get to know your Heavenly Father. God is a Spirit and they that worship HIm must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

God's voice speaks directly to our spirit, not our mind or our emotions. When He speaks it is important the you capture it by writing it down the messages, answers, strategies, ideas, etc He gives you. His messages will reach your mind as a strong unction to do or not do something. 1Kings 19:11-12

Another way God's voice speaks to us is when we read the Bible. As you read the scriptures, ask Holy Spirit, "what is it that you want to teach me from this or these scriptures.

God speaks to us through dreams & visions. Joel 2:1
  • Dreams take place when we are asleep. God gives us dreams in our subconscence mind. The dreams that God gives us are crystal clear and not fragmented. Always ask for clarity, "Holy Spirit is this a spiritual dream and what is the interpretation?"
  • Visions tend to be with your eyes open.  God will unfold His message is what appears to be a video clip about a person, place or thing; and maybe all three. Open Visions you are awake with the eyes open and it's like you are in a trance.
  • He speaks through our gut feeling drawing us with an unction to pray.
  • He speaks through His prophets. Amos 3:7
    • Does the Holy Spirit bare witness to the prophecy.
    • Ask Holy Spirit if the vision is true
    • Have they had ither prophecies come to past?
  • God also speaks to us via a Word of Knowlege to help edify, build up and encourage.
By Spending quality intimacy with the Father, we will learn to distinguish His voice through all the clutter in our world.